Feeling Alienated by Modern Mainstream Music: Resurgence of Classic Rock

As you may be aware from reading my other articles, I have quite a range of musical tastes. They are focused predominantly around classic rock, but also also have a penchant for early punk, some newer garage rock, blues, folk and a few other genres as well. Since it has been a while since I was completely engrossed with mainstream music I thought maybe it was time to take another look and see if there are some groups I can get behind. So I did...

I'm only in my early twenties (as of this writing), but maybe deep down I'm significantly older than my age lets on, because I simply cannot connect with a lot of these artists that are out now. It is quite a mystery because there is a lot of 80s influence in these some of these new alternative/indie rock artists (whatever you wish to call them). I grew up partially during the 80s and so you'd think I'd be able to relate, but instead I feel more connected with artists that debuted 2 decades before I was born, like the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Who, Pink Floyd, and Bob Dylan. In fact I feel a little alienated by the modern mainstream at times, picking and choosing only a few choice bands (often those who cite some of my favorite bands as influences) to follow and dismissing the rest.

This is not designed to be a knock or put down any of these newer artists as I definitely think they have talent and are creative, their music simply doesn't speak to me and so I'm not compelled to listen to it.

Maybe I'm just getting old...

Or perhaps the '60s were just more open times creatively than now (probably because of all that LSD), or maybe they truly don't make great rock 'n' roll anymore.

Still, just because I feel alienated though, doesn't mean that I'm not open to new artists, I just haven't found too many that speak to me musically.

Recently, I've been doing a lot of research into the new mainstream, what is popular as well as into underground artists that I've yet to listen to and have yet to become "mainstream". That is part of what makes the Internet music scene so great; you can go listen to a band's music right on their website. I've found a few that I find interesting so far, but the majority were quite underwhelming. I'm still remaining open minded and ready for the next new thing to become my favorite band but I've also become increasingly convinced that soon the mainstream will collapse under its own obsession with image and what will sell.

I'll keep looking though and I'll make sure to write about any new artists that ring true for me. Maybe the next great band just hasn't been discovered yet.

Interestingly though, I recently read that there has been a surge in classic rock album sales recently. Between that and the popularity of classic rock radio, forums and websites I guess it means that a lot of people are feeling just as alienated by modern mainstream music as I do sometimes.

At least I'm not alone.

I think we're due for another great rock and roll explosion though.


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