John Fogerty Live on Soundstage

Public television comes through again. Last night I caught John Fogerty on Soundstage... on PBS... promoting his latest album. Although it was slated to be two parts (and the songs he performed seemed to indicate otherwise), it was a great show that confirms for me, once again that John Fogerty is one heck of a performer and musician.

I've been a fan of Creedence Clearwater Revival for years now for their unique earthy rock and roll. A big part of that sound, and certainly the energy of that band came from lead singer/guitarist John Fogerty. I never really got into Fogerty's solo career, for whatever reason. It's probably because I've grown so attached to the songs of CCR, that anything else seems like a bit of a rehash or just doesn't live up to the original. I have seen lots of good reviews for his newest album though, and from the new songs he played on this program, they certainly seemed a lot closer to the rock of his earlier days. That wasn't the reason I decided to watch this tonight though. No, it was because I actually saw John Fogerty on Soundstage a few years ago and was just floored at the presence and energy he still brings to the stage.

This time was no exception as for man of 63 (heck, even if he was 23) Fogerty has an abundance of energy on stage, obviously having a blast playing the music he loves. He plays a mean guitar, howls his vocals with the same intensity he did back when CCR first erupted onto the scene, and just seems to be having so much fun on stage that it seems to natural, authentic and compelling. The performances were crisp and tight, although perhaps a little "arranged", but there was is still plenty of excitement. AND of course there were more than a few CCR numbers in the set list.

I think when bands split up and certain members go solo, it's never the same as the original band, and why would it ever be. The same is true in this case, but unlike many other situations, I would still be thrilled to see John Fogerty play classic Creedence tunes as much as the original band. Sure, a full CCR reunion would be idea, but if that never happens, I feel that seeing Fogerty solo is acceptable close, and would just be a heck of a fun show to attend.

As for the songs performed from the new album, they sounded pretty sweet too, and actually quite relevant and politically motivated (perhaps a little too much for some people). There's also a nice rock and roll edge that I've heard has been lacking is some of Fogerty's other solo albums. As I said, reviews have been good so if you get the chance, check out the latest from John Fogerty,I think I will, it's called Revival.

Also, if you get the chance to see the Mr. Fogerty live, don't hesitate to check that out too... should be a heck of a rock and roll show, that's for sure.

Keep an eye out on PBS for this performance as well as they're usually rerun occasionally. Part two, if there actually is a part two, is supposed to run next Thursday (February 14, 2008) on PBS so maybe try to catch that if you're not too wrapped up in Valentines Day festivities.


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