Jumping On to the Arctic Monkeys Bandwagon...Well, sort of

When hearing hyped up music news I often ask myself, what type of band could make modern music I would actually enjoy listening to. I think it's pretty obvious from my posts that 90% of what I listen to was NOT released this decade, (and probably not even last decade), so when I first heard about hot new band Arctic Monkeys, I was skeptical. I've only been hearing about this band for months (if not years) now, but finally got around to listening to them and although I'm not sold completely yet, I think there is definitely enough there to make them worth checking out.

All the hype surrounding this band said that they sound influenced by bands I love, like the Clash, the Jam and the Smiths. I was a little hesitant as that is not the first time I've heard that said... and so I waited. Now, that I've heard them, I do think they make good music, but not as groundbreaking as all the hype claimed. That doesn't mean they won't be groundbreaking, it just means that they might have some growing to do first. I still might pick up their albums though, as they are exciting and fun to listen to.

They sound straight out of the 60s but slightly updated with influences that obviously came later. I hear a lot of the Clash in their music and they definitely remind me of Oasis, but with more of early punk and less of the Beatles in their sound. It is exciting rock and roll with a lot of British flavor combined and some dance thrown in.

A lot of the other bands that could also be grouped along with the Arctic Monkeys under what some might call Garage Rock (or whatever you want to call it), don't sit well with me. I'm into the White Stripes, (and the Raconteurs) and the Strokes, but some of the others just seem to fall flat for me, like rehashes instead of originals. I can't necessarily say that about the Arctic Monkeys though as their music does seem original but is still blatantly showing off their influences and isn't as varied as much song to song as I'd like. To be honest, I'm far more excited about their newest release (as of this writing) "Brianstorm" than their earlier songs. Not that their earlier works aren't good, but this new song strikes a chord with me that is both incredibly 60s retro and thumping dance influenced punk at the same time. It definitely seems to build on their first release, but I can't really say how much yet.

Here is the video for that track from YouTube:

It is a good song, but in general I wish this rebirth of garage rock had a bit more blues, earthiness and early rock 'n' roll in it. That is why I'm drawn to the White Stripes the most out of all the bands. For what they do, the Arctic Monkeys seem to be a band I'd like to see live, especially if they do a bit of improvisation with these songs and maybe a cover of the Who, but I'm not entirely sold on them yet.

They don't quite have the same authenticity and bite of bands like the Clash lyrically. They're definitely honest, but at times a little predictable. This is also part of why I'm more interested in the new release as I'm interested in seeing how the band has grown lyrically.

So, I'm not fully on the Arctic Monkey bandwagon yet. Maybe I'm just not hip (in fact I guarantee I'm not and anyone who claims otherwise should be shot) but I still think they make some pretty good music. The second album might make or break it for me so I'm waiting to see how it pans out.

Maybe they'll be one of the few bands in history to live up to the hype, but although they are good and fun, so far, I think they have a little ways to to go still, to do so.

Here is a link to their website so you can check them out: http://www.arcticmonkeys.com/


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