A Little Music to Help Weather the Storm

It's been rough times here in the midwestern USA. Recent storms have caused ridiculous flooding, but I'm sure it's only a taste of what it's like down in Texas and the south. Hurricane Ike has hit pretty hard it seem and l though good preparation and the hard work of a lot of brave people has hopefully kept casualties to a minimum, it's still a difficult situation. I'm sure everyone is doing everything they can to help those effected by recent storms either by physically doing what they can, or just by keeping them in their thoughts.

I thought that maybe it would be helpful to share some music related to this storm. I don't mean to make light of the situation, I just thought a little "storm appropriate" music might help lift some spirits. Sometimes that can little bit to add some happiness can be enough to make a difference.

Well the songs I picked are pretty obvious choices, but both are great songs and worth sharing even on a regular day.

First, a sweet song from REO Speedwagon, here played live from 1974.

And of course, second we have the Scorpions... you can guess the song. This is a live version from Rock in Rio 1985...awesome.

Hopefully this little bit of music helps to lift the spirits of a few people who are out there dealing with the aftermath of the storms. There's a lot of people in need right now, and although I wish that adding a little bit of music to their lives would be enough to help them rebuild and put their lives back together, that is not the case.

Please take a minute to help out in any way you can, even if it's only giving financial support. The McCormick Foundation has launched the Hurricane Ike Disaster Relief Campaign, and has not only offered to pay all administrative costs involved (so that 100% of donated money reaches those in need), but will also match a lot of the money received with a donation of their own (up to 2 million dollars I think). You can even donate online through their foundation here: http://www.mccormickfoundation.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=319

The McCormick Foundation also hosts a number of other charitable campaigns that are worth contributing to if you feel compelled. I hope there's one to help flooding victims here in the midwest soon because although it may not be must compared to the devisation caused by Ike, there's still a lot of people who are now doing the best they can to move forward.

-- This piece is dedicated to everyone effected by the recent storms --


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