New Raconteurs Album Coming Sooner than Expected

There are some albums that I own that I just seem to like too much... so much that I actually restrain myself from listening to them. I know this sounds a little absurd, but it's true. Certain albums just strike such a chord with me that when they are over, I want more. Unfortunately, usually there is no more, or the bands next album is not due for years, so I try to limit how often I listen to them in order to sort of discourage this desire for more music. When the first album from Jack White's collaboration with Brendon Benson and various parts of the Greenhornes, aka the Raconteurs, I thought it was one of the best rock albums I'd heard in a while. Unfortunately it's also a rather short album, and so was definitely left wanting more. The band was out touring though, then there was another White Stripes album, and time passed on with me waiting for the next tracks from the band.

Well, the waiting is finally over as in the next few days the new album, Consolers of the Lonely, will be debuted. This is a bit sooner than expected as last I heard the band was just in the studio getting the songs recorded, but I'm still really excited, especially because I've heard one of the songs on it already.

The song is called "Five on the Five" and the band has actually been performing it live for a while. This clip from Lollapalooza back in 2006 should give you a taste of while I'm so psyched about the new album as I think the song is quite a powerhouse.

As always, special thanks to Youtube and bpthemaster for uploading it.

This is a bit harder than anything the band did on their first release, and I'm really digging it. They channel a bit of the punk energy that I think all us Jack White fans knew would come up eventually (if the White Stripes are anything to go by), and with explosive, hard hitting results. Don't get me wrong, I'm really into all the songs from the first release, but it hints at so much creativity and depth that I think this second album might be the one that really shows what they can do.

If you haven't been checking out the Raconteurs already, then maybe it's time you do just that. I'm not gonna claim their for everyone... no band can be... but they seem like one of the more unique, creative and just rockin' bands around... especially live. There's plenty of other clips on YouTube of them tearing it up so check them out. I recommend tracking down a good version of them covering Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang" (gritty and powerful) or a live take of the bluesy "Blue Veins" from their first release (Jack White plays some amazing solos when they do this one live).

If you're just not feeling it, then that's cool too, but I know I'll be adding the new Raconteurs album to my inventory soon enough.


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