Carnival of Rock and Roll - April 2008

A delayed, but still very interesting carnival this month. Let's get to it.

First, Jean Mosher of Always in Motion shares some of here thoughts on Rihanna in: Rihanna, ?Don?t Stop the Music?

Charles H Green of Trust Matters, sent along a great little piece on Jeff Newman, a killer steel pedal guitar player you should check out... great stuff here: The Best in the World

Reid Goldin sent a post discussing a band that sounds so interesting I might just have to check them out: Post-Foetus

Tony Fantano from Golden Gator Rockers passed along some interesting looking new music too with: 2427 Mission is how we do.

Jeff of Branson Travel Attractions shares a bit about a Legends in Concert show here: Legends In Concert

More great music to feed mine and all of your appetites, this time from Marquis Hunt of Shots in the Dark, from two different groups, both of which I think I'll have to be checking out in greater depth.

The first is Red Knife Lottery: Shot in The Dark: Red Knife Lottery

And the second is Doyle & Debbie: Doyle & Debbie : Country Duo With a Hilarious Edge

Meanwhile Ben of Head Wide Open brings us another one to check out in: A Salute To Killing Joke

Orven Enoveso brings us a bit of fun on the idea of starting a rock band in: Sheila and the Insects Official Blog and Website

And last, but not least, Soccer Dad brings us another challenging bit of music trivial with another musical monday here: Musical Monday #40

It actually turned out to be a slightly smaller carnival this month than some others, but quite a collection of stuff. I especially like seeing people coming out and sharing some of the bands that are "striking their fancy"... so to speak... as that gives me new music to listen to as well.

Keep up the good work everyone.

If you submitted your work to the carnival, but it wasn't chosen, don't fret. There aren't a lot of standards to be included except to be about music in some way, but I don't publish blatant advertisements, personal attacks on artists, celebrity gossip, things off topic or things I can't read easily (sorry, English only). Also, I'd appreciate if you only submit some of your best works, not short, few word posts and try to keep multiple submissions within reason, meaning you can send two or three articles at most, but not like six... if you Spam the carnival with entries or with articles off topic you won't be included.

I still appreciate your contribution even if I didn't choose to include it (I still read them all) and hope you won't hesitate to submit new work to next month's carnival.

The next carnival will run on PROMPTLY on May 1st. More information, the carnival archives and a link to the submission form can be found here:


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