Carnival of Rock and Roll - March 2008

Time for another Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll. There were more contributions this month than ever before, something I'm taking as a sign that the carnival is reaching more and more people every month. Unfortunately not everything was accepted this time, but the posts that were are still as interesting as ever.

Michael Lloyd of Michael Lloyd Band takes a look at some new CDs from piano players in: Some new CDs in my ears

Piping Girl talks and shares videos about how an instrument I like, but still often refer to as "having the potential for such annoyance", aka the bagpipes, are being incorporated into rock and roll in: Bagpipes Rock in the New Millennium

Evan of the Oxhorn Music Mix talks about a band I might have to check out for myself here: Who Killed the Zutons??!?

Alvaro Fernandez discusses, in layman's terms, how music makes you smarter in: Musical training as mental exercise for cognitive performance

Here's some great musical tips from the Tip Diva: Top Ten Tips - Learning An Instrument

Susan Kleiner of Pencil Drawing Sketch Art has done some great sketches of famous musicians including this one, even though it's only half way done: Lynyrd Skynyrd Drawing Sketch

Here's just the article I, and some of you, need, from Brandon Rike of What to Do What To Do About YOUR LOVE FOR MUSIC

A Grammy moment video and discussion from Lovelyn at Stop and Hear the Music: Amy Winehouse "I’m No Good/Rehab" Live Grammy Performance

And another video/discussion, this time about "The Boss" from Lovelyn as well: Bruce Springsteen "Born in the USA"

Sarah of SARAHSPY takes a look at the music industry and an album I can honestly say I don't think I care about either in: 85% of Us readers agree: Nobody cares about Scarlett Johansson's album

Soccer Dad brings us more music trivial in the form of another musical Monday: Musical monday #35

Alex Hansen of RockRoast shares my love of progressive rock and discusses why you should too in: Take the Time

And last but not least, Old Wizard brings us a pair of rock and roll top tens, although if you're like me, be prepared to disagree with a few of his choices, especially for this first one: / Music / Top 10 Most Over Rated Bands

And: / Music / Top 10 Bands of the Nineties

Quite a carnival this month, I really enjoyed checking out everyone's posts/opinions/works etc. Like I said, I received more contributions to this carnival than I ever have before. Unfortunately many had to be left out. There were some great posts on very important topics just not on music topics. This is a music carnival and I'm trying to keep it that way. That doesn't mean I don't like the posts on other important topics... just submit them to one of the other 1000+ carnivals out there to get your message out, because although I'd like to help, this carnival is on a specific topic and I think it's readers don't want to sort through articles that aren't on that topic.

That said, still great work everyone, keep it up.

If you submitted your work to the carnival, but it wasn't chosen, don't fret. There aren't a lot of standards to be included except to be about music in some way, but I don't publish blatant advertisements, personal attacks on artists, celebrity gossip, things off topic or things I can't read easily (sorry, English only). Also, I'd appreciate if you only submit some of your best works, not short, few word posts and try to keep multiple submissions within reason, meaning you can send two or three articles at most, but not like six... if you Spam the carnival with entries or with articles off topic you won't be included.

I still appreciate your contribution even if I didn't choose to include it (I still read them all) and hope you won't hesitate to submit new work to next month's carnival.

The next carnival will run on April 2st 2008 (I'm leaving April 1st for something else I think). More information, the carnival archives and a link to the submission form can be found here:


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