Carnival of Rock and Roll - May 2008

Time for another Carnival of Rock 'n' Roll. This month there was a major flood of articles and submissions for the carnival. Unfortunately a lot had to be filtered out, but there were still plenty of great entries... all interesting to read and worth checking out.

Jimmy Shelter brings us 10 great Dutch underground bands (I've already checked out a few and am looking forward to hearing the rest) in: 10 great Dutch underground bands

The Old Wizard on the other hand, brings us his own top ten list, and more great music to check out, with : Top 10 Bands of the New Century

Got a funny little cartoon from Sarah of Sarahspy: Things haven't changed a lot for me since I was 16

The Rockademic brings us some great Circa Surviver Live clips here: Great live videos of CIRCA SURVIVE! in Sydney, Australia

And a little post on Anthony Green's upcoming solo album: Anthony Green solo album ?Avalon? coming in August

Here's something new... Jimson of passed along some of his favorite songs for sports motivation: 10 Favorite Sport Songs for Motivation on your IPod or Ringtones

Here's another cool something new from Jeremy at Debt Advice (you read that right). It made me laugh though: All I Really Needed to Know About Managing Money I Learned From Music

Scott from Zombiechatter sent along a little bit about the along awaited GnR album, along with a little fun here: The End is Near Chinese Democracy Unleashed!

Chris of OldiesMusicOnline brings us a killer tribute to REM... kind of interesting because I didn't realize REM qualified as oldies... but still a great piece none the less: R.E.M. Tribute

In a strange twist of fate Eric of Ponymouse brings us a little REM related review as well in: R.E.M. 'Accelerate' Their Career.

Charlie of Bloggerrhythms sent along a great nostalgic post on: Bloggerhythms: Music's Greatest Generation, 1964 -1980

Brent Diggs of Ominous Coma sent along an interesting post on Star Trek related to Death Cab for Cutie. I won't go into to details but it was pretty amusing, albeit not exactly 100% music related: Captain Kirk And Ben Gibbard - Weekend Bonus

And last but not least we have Kavit of Innerrhythm. Kavit passed along lots of posts. Normally that would earn you a quick trip to the Spam bin in my book, but I let it slide this time (Most likely that will never happen again). Kavit's posts and blog are all about marketing as it relates to music. He's got some great advice that I thought a few up and coming bands might be able to make use of though, so instead of singling out a post I'll just link to his blog directly:

Talk about a good collection of stuff eh? I was definitely thrilled to see such an interest in the carnival and so many great contributions.

Keep up the good work everyone.

If you submitted your work to the carnival, but it wasn't chosen, don't fret. There aren't a lot of standards to be included except to be about music in some way, but I don't publish blatant advertisements, personal attacks on artists, celebrity gossip, things off topic or things I can't read easily (sorry, English only). Also, I'd appreciate if you only submit some of your best works, not short, few word posts and try to keep multiple submissions within reason, meaning you can send two or three articles at most, but not like six... if you Spam the carnival with entries or with articles off topic you won't be included.

I still appreciate your contribution even if I didn't choose to include it (I still read them all) and hope you won't hesitate to submit new work to next month's carnival.

The next carnival will run on on June 1st. More information, the carnival archives and a link to the submission form can be found here:


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