Carnival of Rock and Roll - November 2007

Quite another interesting carnival. I say that every month, but it's true. Apparently I'm not the only one on the Internet who has lots to say about rock and roll, music and the music industry, even if it's not necessarily as direct as some others.

A regular of the Carnival of Rock and Roll, Sheena Metal set along her latest two articles:
Radio Play - Will Topping The Charts Make You Bigger Than Elvis?

Get Up, Get On And Get Off - The Early Bird Catches The Record Deal!

Michael Fowke of Money is the Way, interweaves a bit of blues folklore into a little biography of Blind Banker Jefferson (you know he wrote that song, "I'm Gonna Sell that Stock") that's pretty amusing: Blind Banker Jefferson: a short biography

sP of Sentric Music's Weekly Blog takes a look at some of the money aspects of the music industry including recent developments and issues over file sharing:
Entrepreneurial Head

Danogo of sent along a little interesting bit about music and mp3 technologies, AND a bit about his own music including a number of free mp3s you can download and videos you can watch. Definitely worth checking out: Unlimited, Free and Legal Pop Rock Mp3 Downloads for Your iPod, Zune or Music Player

Sagar Satapathy of Virtual Hosting also takes a look at music technology in: How to Turn Your Old Computer Into the Ultimate Media Center: 100 Resources and Tools

A. Decker from Resonant Enigma shows us some interesting experimental and artistic photography at least partially inspired by the classic rock era and the music of Black Sabbath: Resonant Enigma: Visual Strange Loops

Danielle Fontaine of the fictional blog Days in the Life of a Starving Musician takes a look at what it's like to be on the road in a particular city... an interesting blog to read in general: Detour from the Norm

giantsteps takes a look at the music of independent artist Kirk Adams in: Kirk Adams "Little Elevator"

Steve Bainbridge takes a look at Springsteen and his different personae, ranging from blue collar rock and roller to out spoken politically minded, and how perhaps they clash a little: Punditry | Professor Bainbridge

Along those same lines, Brian Steward of Small Things Stupid Packages also shows his interest in the Boss in: Bruce Springsteen And The Summer of '78: Live At The Agora, 8/9/1978

Lastly, therapydoc of Everyone Needs Therapy takes a brief look at music lessons and how we might develop in: Music Lessons

Although some of these articles deal more directly with music than others... there seemed to be a lot of technology articles this month... that doesn't mean they're not worth checking out as each person's experience with music is different. These new perspectives help widen our view of music beyond just the notes and into how it integrates into our society as a whole, which is an interesting topic in it's own right.

I'm looking forward to what will be coming next month as it seems to get more interesting every time.

Keep up the good work everyone.

If you submitted your work to the carnival, but it wasn't chosen, don't fret. There aren't a lot of standards to be included except to be about music in some way, but I don't publish blatant advertisements, personal attacks on artists, celebrity gossip, things off topic or things I can't read easily (sorry, English only). Also, I'd appreciate if you only submit some of your best works, not short, few word posts and try to keep multiple submissions within reason, meaning you can send two or three articles at most, but not like six... if you Spam the carnival with entries or with articles off topic you won't be included.

I still appreciate your contribution even if I didn't choose to include it (I still read them all) and hope you won't hesitate to submit new work to next month's carnival.

The next carnival will run on December 1st 2007. More information, the carnival archives and a link to the submission form can be found here:


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