Carnival of Rock and Roll - October 2007

I really like how this carnival is turning out. Every month there's a whole bunch of music and rock and roll articles submitted from such a wide variety of sources, cultural backgrounds and opinions, making for a great mix and this month is no exception.

Sidhusaaheb from I, Me, Myself sent a long an interesting commentary piece on some of the popular music coming out of India and that region of the world, specifically a rock band called the Call, with: Call'-ing Rock Fans...

Sheena Metal from the Music Highway sent along her two newest articles both offering some good advice:
Leave Your Drama At Home - More Rockin' And Less Squawkin'!

And: Managers - Can't Live With Them...But Can You Live Without Them?

Seafarer of Family Travel sent along something maybe not necessarily about music, but definitely related to it by taking a look at some of the hotels some famous rock icons used to use drugs in: D.A.R.E. to stay at these hotels

David of Vinyl Addiction DJ has some good advice for anyone trying to make it in the music industry here: Music Career Success: 5 Ways to Thrive as a Musician Today - Vinyl Addiction DJ

Jeremy of Consumer Corner sent along another interesting and in depth review, this time of a band I'd actually never heard of before called Paramore, and their latest album: Paramore – Riot

Tim Mallon of What to Do brings us a pretty personal look at a love for music in: What To Do About YOUR LOVE FOR MUSIC

I may not be to thrilled about including a post about Britney Spears, but I will because, although it was on the VMAs, this post from Blue Skelton of Production Blog was honest, intelligent and not just blatantly ripping on her or praising her. I can appreciate that, I'm more than willing to include intelligent writing and it is something going on in the music world so here it is: Britney Spears VMA Performance

JD of I Do Things So You Don't Have To may be the luckiest person in the carnival by my opinion because he saw Led Zeppelin back in 77 even though it sounded like it wasn't one of their better tours or even the best of experiences. Check it out: I Saw Led Zeppelin so you don’t have to

Jim Booth of Scholars and Rogues sends a nice bit on Elvis Costello, an amazing artist in my opinion as well: Elvis is king?of his destiny, anyway?and that?s worth a lot?.

The Zen Master has sent us another unique and insightful haiku style review, this time of Heart's self titled album: Heart | Haiku Reviewer - The Ancient Art of The Succinct Review

Sentric of Sentric Music's Weekly Blog sent along some good (and amusingly blunt in a good way) advice for indie artists: The top 8 things unsigned/independent artists do wrong

Jon of Present Tense passed along another set of shotgun style album reviews worth checking out: Shotgun CD Reviews: Jerry Reed, NOFX, New Bomb Turks, The ‘Spankers, and Bury your Dead

David Mills from the Undercover Black Man sent a interesting look at Phil Spector that works well what with all the trial hype that's been going on recently as he was a pretty big influence on a long of musicians. Check out: Undercover Black Man: When Phil Spector was king

Nitin Sinha of doublethink sent an interesting in depth look at some of the trends in Indian, Hindi music as well as some of the popular trends in music from that region. I believe he has some of his own music on his blog as well, so check them out as well while you're there reading: New trends in Bollymusic

And last but not least, we have something I have not seen before, a sort of visual image commentary from ConfessMail. I think I'll agree more with some of the comments on this post than the post itself, but it's still interesting. Once you see, I think you'll see why I say that. Check out: I miss disco

Wow... talk about a range of topics. Still everyone's work was interesting and I'm glad there are so many new people along with some of the regulars contributing.

Keep up the good work everyone.

If you submitted your work to the carnival, but it wasn't chosen, don't fret. There aren't a lot of standards to be included except to be about music in some way, but I don't publish blatant advertisements, personal attacks on artists, celebrity gossip, things off topic or things I can't read easily (sorry, English only). Also, I'd appreciate if you only submit some of your best works, not short, few word posts and try to keep multiple submissions within reason, meaning you can send two or three articles at most, but not like six... if you Spam the carnival with entries or with articles off topic you won't be included.

I still appreciate your contribution even if I didn't choose to include it (I still read them all) and hope you won't hesitate to submit new work to next month's carnival.

The next carnival will run on November 1st 2007. More information, the carnival archives and a link to the submission form can be found here:


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