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Lets Discuss 5 "Difficult", Yet Rewarding, Albums

I've been undertaking a little project recently... you could call it something of an archival project of my music collection. The details aren't important really. Instead what this project has given me is an view of a cross section of my listening tastes... what bands and albums I listen to the most, etc etc. I don't normally think about it that much, but as it turns out, apparently many of my favorite albums and bands are what many might consider "difficult" to listen to... and that's actually kind of interesting.

10 Bands to Rediscover Alternative: Part 2, The Supporting Cast

One of the most interesting things about the original alternative movement is that it brought bands that in the past would have been completely overlooked by the populous into the forefront. Once a few artists had broken down the barrier, the public was exposed not only to the mainstream artists, but also a lot of their influences and more underground peers.

10 Bands to Rediscover Alternative: Part 1, The Major Players

As you may have realized if you've read a few of my other posts, I grew up in the "Alternative Era", when suddenly underground bands were thrust into the limelight and 80s hair metal faded into the background (some might say, thankfully). Alternative will always hold a special place in my musical pantheon because it is a genre that includes many of the bands that were my first "favorites". These are the bands that made me the music fanatic I am today by drawing me in during those difficult years of adolescence.

10 Favorite Holiday Songs Part 2: Traditional Holiday Songs

Today is Christmas Eve and so it seems appropriate to continue this piece celebrating holiday songs with 5 that are more traditional numbers. I like both "non traditional" and traditional holiday songs, but these few are extra special to me. They may not be rock and roll, but they are a great examples of how music can convey complex emotions like those of the winter holiday season.

To be honest, I don't know who originally wrote or performed any of them. Some are traditional hymns and other are just holiday standards, but they all stand out in my mind as classics of the season.

10 Favorite Holiday Songs Part 1: Rock and Roll Holiday Songs

Music is a big part of many different holidays, but this winter season seems to outrank the rest in terms of musical composition. There are new holiday songs being written all the time so it makes sense that over the years more than a few rock and roll artists have chosen to leave their own mark on the holiday season. To celebrate the holidays this year, I thought I'd put together a two part list of some of my favorite holiday themed songs.

Led Zeppelin Reunion Show Today: 9 Songs to Hope they Play

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has finally arrived... the day one of the biggest names in rock and roll returns to the stage for a onetime event. Today is the day of the Led Zeppelin reunion show at the 02 arena in London for a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records. Although rumors have been flying left and right that this is really the first of a full fledged reunion tour for Zeppelin, including slips that the Cult may be their opening band and an anonymous tip about Zeppelin headlining Bonnaroo next year, nothing has been confirmed by the band, past this show.

5 Possible Holiday Presents for Any Rock and Roll Enthusiast

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday has passed and December rapidly approaches, it's time to start shopping for holiday gifts. I do almost all of my shopping online every year and today is the infamous "Internet Monday", the Internet's equivalent of Black Friday when everyone goes shopping for holiday gifts, and so I thought I might you help along your gift search with some great products that are on my list of products to check out.

Rock and Roll Experimentation: 10 of the Strangest Musical Compositions Part 2, The Present

This is part two of an article dedicated to looking at the more experimental side of rock and roll. The first half all consisted of songs that were recorded long before my time (aka the past). This half is focused more on how that tradition has continued in the times after my birth (aka the present).

As with all lists, there are always far too many songs to choose from and each person will have their own personal preferences. These 5 are just a few of mine.

6: Radiohead "Like Spinning Plates" from Amnesiac

Rock and Roll Experimentation: 10 of the Strangest Musical Compositions Part 1, The Past

Rock and roll was originally a blend of styles like country, jazz, blues, R & B and other styles so experimentation is part of the game. Over the years, musicians have pushed the boundaries to expand the genre beyond what probably anyone thought possible. There are lots of great songs along the way through rock and roll history, but every so often you hear a track that is a little avant garde when compared to some of the others of it's time. Maybe avant garde is not the correct term, but more experimental, something beyond the reaches of what typically defines a musical composition...

5 Songs from the Queens of the Stone Age

In the post alternative age, some bands have risen to dominate the scene with their own brand of guitar driven rock. The Queens of the Stone Age are of course one of those bands, rising from the remains of stoner metal band Kyuss and really gaining some mainstream steam after a collaboration with Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters (although they easily would have gotten to the same point on their own as well). This band became one of my favorites relatively quickly because their sound is so unique.

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