B.B. King Plays the Blues for Memphis

Today I got a moment or two to browse through the internet videos. I've been listening to a lot of progressive rock and thought I would check out a few videos from some of the bands in my play list as of recently. In one of those happy accidents though, I stumbled across something entirely different; a little blues instrumental with the one and only B.B. King.

Apparently taken from the extras of The Road to Memphis DVD, a tribute to Memphis as a city that gave birth to the blues. I haven't seen the DVD myself, but if it has performances like this one on it, I think I'll have to check it out.

This is an instrumental, but don't think that takes anything away from it as this is the King of the blues in all his guitar glory. As always, special thanks to YouTube and
jemf999 for uploading it.

Now, I've seen B.B. King perform live a few times and I've seen plenty of live videos and clips over the years as well. He is always amazingly good, but there is something about this one that just goes above and beyond even his usual excellence. His guitar work is just intensely searing, emotional and powerful, but also extremely subtle and just full of all those nuances a little touches that are the mark of an incredible musician. The range of dynamics alone that he coaxes out of "Lucille" should be a lesson for all guitarists and musicians.

I certainly wasn't doubting his blues prowess, but this has once again rekindled my passion for the blues and for the work of the King of the Blues.

As for the DVD itself, it sounds like something pretty interesting and worth checking out if you're a blues aficionado. You can read a little more about the release on the PBS "The Blues" website here: http://www.pbs.org/theblues/aboutfilms/pearce.html


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