Black Sabbath Live from 1970

I find it somewhat funny that Black Sabbath is a band a got into AFTER I'd gone through my metal phase and had started listening to classic rock. Seems kind of backwards that I didn't listen to the real pioneering metal band at all when I was really into metal.

Backwards or not, Since my first listen "Paranoid" has remained not only one of my favorite Black Sabbath songs, but one of my favorite songs of all time. It's a gritty musical gem whether you want to call it metal, or just rock and roll and live it was an guitar, drum, and bass explosion with Ozzy's screeching vocals soaring above the chaos.

This clip I actually found a while ago, had bookmarked and even prepared writing for only to have it get lost in the shuffle as I finished up other pieces first. It's a great live clip from English TV back in 1970 of the band playing "Paranoid".

Thanks as always to YouTube and clmetal for uploading it.

This clip is a little surreal for some reason... Perhaps its the band clowning around in the intro; Is that really the Prince of Darkness joking around with that broom? Or maybe it's just that I've come so accustomed to seeing the darker, more Gothic version of the band from later years that the more gritty, early 70s style of Black Sabbath seems a little out of place?

Surreal or not, musically it's great, although the sound might be a little out of sync. The shots of the band joking around before the show are actually pretty interesting as it shows a slightly unexpected, more humorous side to the original metal band.

I actually prefer the early Sabbath live, with this being a great example. It's not that there later shows aren't great as well, but this show is far more stripped down. It is interesting to compare the 1970 era Black Sabbath live show with the footage of shows more around 1978. Although the songs were always larger than life, clips from 1978 show a far different band on stage that this clip, with a far more epic persona and a massive feel... and oddly enough at one time Ozzy in a white fringed jumpsuit type thing... a little scary to say the least.

Whatever time period, right up until today, Black Sabbath was, is and always will be a force to be reckoned with on stage. Great clip... great band... great song.


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