Creedence Clearwater Revival: Live at Woodstock Footage

One of my favorite bands from the 60s and 70s, and I feel often overlooked, Creedence Clearwater Revival penned some of the most famous rock songs ever recorded. Songs like "Proud Mary", "Fortunate Song" and "Bad Moon Rising" are almost universally known. The band's infectious combination of folk, country shuffle and blues stomp is catchy, fun, fiery and has an earthy feel that just cannot be replicated.

I've been listening to CCR most of my life, and seeing that I have already planned more lengthy writings about this band, I decided to post a video of the band at during their heyday from Youtube as a short little pre tribute.

This video is supposed to be their performance of "Keep On Chooglin" from Woodstock 1969, but I have no way of confirming it's authenticity. I believe it is though, as I believe there has been a DVD released of this performance, but I haven't seen it (yet), so I can't confirm.

Part of what makes this band amazing is their live performances. The combination of John Fogerty's ragged blues and country guitar playing and soulful harmonica blasts with the band's freight train like rhythm section make for two tapping rock and roll fun. It is also part of what makes it sad that they splintered because although I'm sure Creedence Clearwater Revisited (most of the original band minus Fogerty) is great in concert, and I know John Fogerty is great in concert from catching a few TV specials, there is a certain magic with the whole band that makes it all the more intense. This is true of most live bands actually, (the example I'm thinking of is the Who, great now, but way better with Keith Moon and John Entwistle).

Overall, this is a rough performance, but because it is rough, it adds a real sense of authenticity that makes the band's working man blues and country shuffles that more real and ring true. I have seen better performances from this band from this era, but this one is still good, and does demonstrate a bit of the fire that this band has in their music.

Plus, this being the CCR performance from Woodstock '69, that makes it a little extra special.

As I said, I believe there has been a DVD release of this performance so, you can probably find that on Amazon if you're interested. I'll add it to my tally of concert DVDs that I will eventually own.

Special thanks to looij137 for uploading it. I definitely think we need more people recognizing the great Creedence Clearwater Revival.


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