The Doors the End Live

Another epic song and another epic performance, this time from another one of my all time favorite bands and playing one of my all time favorite songs as well. The song is "The End" the band, L.A. Finest: The Doors.

This particular video is from a television show and is one of the better versions of this song I've seen. I actually prefer the one from the actual live releases (albums and movies), but the clip from those shows was incomplete and although still great, didn't seem to do this song the justice it deserves (although it would have been ironic to post a clip of "The End" that was missing the end).

This version is still good though, but it does includes overlays of 60s style imagery which can be kind of distracting, although definitely adding to the 60s feel. The Doors live always seem to take their songs a little bit farther whether it be rougher, harder hitting, building, or simply emphasizing the feel that much more. In this clip they build the song into an incredible noise rock and primal scream-esque climax with speed and power unlike some of the other versions I've seen. They had to edit the vocals though, seeing it was for television. This is kind of disappointing as the song just doesn't have the same emphasis and intensity with out Morrison's primal climactic lyrics. Also, a song that is inherently dark in its style and feel, I with they would have dimmed the lights in the studio down to near darkness, as I think that would have better fit this song.

Still a great demonstration of some of the power that the band had on stage even if playing for a television audience.

Here is the video, thanks to Youtube and InterzoneMusic for hosting and uploading it respectively.

As with all clips of the Doors playing, the focus is on Jim Morrison, especially seeing even on an off night (not that this necessarily is one) his stage presence is enormous.

The Doors are a band that has become legendary perhaps at least partially because of Jim Morrison's death, but I think this song is a great example of how their popularity is more because of Morrison's poetic, yet extremely honest and real lyrics, and especially the band's unique way of emphasizing those lyrics with feel and sound. This song in particular has just that perfect feel to match the lyrics. It eschews in and out and almost sways hypnotically in a way that accents the lyrics at the perfect points but receding quickly enough to not be overpowering.

Later used as a semi thematic song for the epic war picture Apocalypse Now, this song has a great mystic feel that is still earthy and deep while sounding extremely philosophical. I think it fits great with that film as well and so I always partially associate it with that imagery, but the song is so instantly recognizable that it and powerful that it remains classic for reasons other than its film credits.

This video is a interesting and decent enough version of this song, definitely worth seeing. The song itself is a great indication of why the Doors became as popular and another reason the world is worse off without Jim Morrison.


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