A Little Music To Weather the New Storm... The Economic One

Well, although we survived the hurricanes and the flooding, while all that was going down we fell into a new storm that is still effecting us and is spreading... the economic crisis. With the market on a perpetual roller-coaster, the US government working to do whatever they can to right the ship (including throwing money at the problem) and the general public wondering if we're going to be in for just a little recession or will be bartering for food by the end of the month, it's certainly exciting times that we live in.

Well I don't know what's going to happen with the financial markets, but I'm betting on "bartering for food" to be honest, as it seems to be the most fitting end to all the greed and poor foresight that got us in this mess in the first place.

In the mean time though, why not a little music to lift our spirits and help us weather this crisis.

This first video is of George Harrison with Eric Clapton playing "Taxman" Live in Tokyo sometime from the early 80s I think... great version, for sure.

The second video is perhaps the easiest choice for songs to listen to in relation to our current financial situation: Pink Floyd's "Money". This version is from 1994, the Pulse footage. I really wanted a version from back in the day when the band still had Roger Waters, but had difficulty finding a clip that was really decent so I opted for this one instead. It may not have Waters on bass, but the light show is spectacular and Gilmour tears it up on guitar... as always. If you're a Floyd fan and haven't checked out the entire Pulse show (footage/album) it's worth a look, at the very least to see the lights... but the music is pretty sweet too.

So there you have it, just a little bit of music to help raise our spirits as the world economy threatens to collapse around us. Both songs certainly fit the times and just might offer up some wisdom within their wry lyrics that we can take to heart as we work to turn things around. Heck, maybe if we took some of that wisdom to heart in the first place, we wouldn't be where we are now... you never know.

At the very least though, this music can hopefully lift our spirits as we weather this new economic storm.


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