Rare Rock and Roll Movie: The Cure Live in Japan

I remember first hearing music from the Cure a long time ago and thinking... Oh, those are some great songs, catchy, exciting, artistic, sort of punk but more (and also very 80s both in good and bad ways)... sounds pretty good. It wasn't until a lot later when I saw the Cure live on stage that I really got interested in their music more than just casually. Maybe it is Robert Smith's disjointed and fractured charisma on stage, the fact that the band is actually really good or that they write such exciting and unique tracks, or a combination of those three and other factors. Whatever it was that drew me in, I became a fan of the cure and although I'm still just beginning to really explore their music, I'm continually impressed by their live shows and their talent.

While trying to unearth some clips of the Cure playing live I happened upon this unique series uploaded by pittula82. It's a complete movie of the Cure in Japan and contains some great concert footage from the Cure during the 80s, as well as some unique backstage moments with the band.

What I'm sharing here is just part 2 of the film (it's been uploaded in a 13 or so parts). This part is of the band ripping through "Primary" with all their unique Cure-esque glory.

Special thanks to YouTube and extra special thanks goes out to pittula82 for taking the time to upload this as I didn't even know it existed before.

What's great about this little film is that it really seems to capture these songs well in a live setting. They're not overly adventurous with the songs, but at the same time they seem to have a character all their own that fits perfectly with the songwriting and makes them that much more. Clips of the band playing in more recent days are pretty stellar too and just as unique. The Cure are on my list of bands to see live at least once in my lifetime and this film looks like a pretty good example of why.

I think to this day what I find most interesting about the Cure, outside of their live performances, is how much of an influence they've had on so many bands over the years. It's pretty ridiculous when you listen to a lot of the bands that have come onto the scene recently... I hear the mark of the Cure all over their music, which is cool, but also a bit of a hindrance as it's hard to measure up with a band like the Cure in terms of style.

Anyways, if you're in anyway a fan of the Cure, check out this film. Like I said, pittula82 has uploaded 13 parts, so check them all out here, in my opinion it's worth the time: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=pittula82&p=r


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