The Who Live at Woodstock 1969: My Generation

Woodstock was certainly one of the crowning moments from rock and roll, producing some of the most memorable performances in history, including this one by the Who. Not many bands are as rock and roll as the Who, and few songs better capture the rock and roll spirit than "My Generation".

I've been a fan of the Who for what seems like forever. They're intensity, power and stage presence has few rivals even today. This clip is especially great because not only is it a good example of the sheer brute force of the band on stage, but it is another memory from this classic concert as well.

Here's the video, thanks to Youtube and Siouxsies74 for uploading it.

Although all the Woodstock performances were great, some stand out as massively memorable musical events, like Jimi Hendrix playing the "Star Spangled Banner". Other performances weren't as good or great representation of that particular group live. Still, each band did seem to bring a little something extra to the show to make these performances a little more than just another show and Woodstock more than just another concert event.

This performance by the Who is pretty good for them, with a great rough edge and a bit of a looser feel than some of their other shows. They have the same passion, power, huge feel and stage presence that they are known for though and what's really great is that is seems like in a single song/medley, they capture the essence of the rock and roll spirit of rebellion, emotion and aggression. I mean what is more rock and roll that Pete Townsend smashing his guitar into the stage till it emits nothing but screeching feedback... at the end of "My Generation"... at Woodstock?

Overall, I think all the footage of Woodstock is worth watching if you're a rock and roll fan and this clip of the Who is no exception. What really makes it worth watching though is that it is not only a good representation of the band live and another classic concert memory, but it is also a great reminder of what makes rock and roll great: It's raw, rough, loud, emotional, aggressive and a bit primal.

Sure, any clip of Pete Townsend smashing his guitar at the end of "My Generation" would probably work, but this clip, being from Woodstock is just that much more effective.


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