ZZ Top Live in Germany 1980: Blues Rock Trio to Be Reckoned With

One of the greatest things about the Internet has been the ability for those of us who were not around when some of our favorite bands were playing live, to see there live footage online. I don't know how long this will be the case, so for the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll, I am trying to show some of the great live footage I've seen posted online so that some other people can see these great shows too before it is too late.

Recently I've been listening to a fair amount of ZZ Top, (I mean I always have been, as Billy Gibbons is another one of my guitar heroes, but a little more than normal recently). Doing a little searching revealed great live versions of two of my favorite ZZ Top songs from way back in 1980.

Here is the video of ZZ Top playing "Jesus Just Left Chicago"

And also playing "I Heard it on the X"

Thanks to YouTube for hosting it and skydog46 for uploading them.

This performance definitely has a bit more of a rough feel than some of the more recent ZZ Top performances. Don't get me wrong, the band can still play with the best of them, but their more recent performances seem a little more slick than this one.

Personally, I love the rougher feel, especially with these song as it gives it much more of a spontaneous and rockin' feel, especially with the band's signature heavy sound and style. Definitely a band with some soul, Gibbons guitar playing has the same fire he's always had since the beginning but his vocals are also great. He even channels a bit of the blues greats who influenced the band and a little fire and brimstone as well, in the first clip. It is appropriate... I mean he is Reverend Willie G.

Although their later music is also great, I am partial to their earlier work and this show is a great example of those songs. It also shows how "that little ol' band from Texas" really was and still is, a great blues rock band at heart and also one heck of a live band.

That is why ZZ Top remains of the bands I really want to see play live in my lifetime.


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