Here at the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll we love watching concert footage, music videos etc on the various video sites across the Internet. Occasionally these videos inspire us to share them with our readers and provide our commentary. Those posts can be found here, but because of the way copyrights work with various video sites, the videos are not always available long after the original posting.

The Raw Intensity of Sonic Youth Live

I thought it was about time to revisit a band that continues to worm it's way back into my mind every few months from first really becoming part of my collection not that long ago. Sonic Youth may not be a band for everyone with their complex, screeching noise rock fueled compositions. For those of us who are fans of this band though, they are unlike absolutely any other with a raw intensity unlike anything else, especially in a live setting where they can really open up and channel a sort of primal rage of expression into musical form.

King Crimson Live and the Incredible Guitar Work of Robert Fripp

In the realm of progressive rock there seems to be a band that I have been trying and trying to get into for years: King Crimson. I don't know what it is that has kept me from really getting into their work before, especially because I've been a fan of the guitar work of Robert Fripp for some time. Maybe I've just finally reached the point in my musical tastes and especially my guitar playing where they fit in well. Recently I've been listening to a lot of music from this band and seeking out some of the early footage of them playing live to really get a grasp of what they're all about...

Santana Live in Chicago 77

Back in 1977, a legendary band who took their name from their wailing guitarist, came to Chicago. I'm talking about Santana of course, and they played with guests Tower of Power. I wasn't around back in 77 to go to the show, but I am going to see Santana (I'm a long time fan actually) this spring for the first time, and so I thought I'd check out some of the live clips of the band throughout the years. I came across this show from 77, in Chicago no less, in it's entirety.

Symphonic Shred: Unique Live Performance from Steve Vai

As a guitarist, I may love blues and the more subtle (not that blues has to be subtle) part of the electric guitar, but I'm not going to lie to you and say that I don't dig those insanely good shredding moments as well. And not all insanely fast guitar pickers are created equally. I'm not going to knock any, but personally a few seem to strike me as more than just your average player.

B.B. King Plays the Blues for Memphis

Today I got a moment or two to browse through the internet videos. I've been listening to a lot of progressive rock and thought I would check out a few videos from some of the bands in my play list as of recently. In one of those happy accidents though, I stumbled across something entirely different; a little blues instrumental with the one and only B.B. King.

David Bowie Live in London 1973: Ziggy Stardust to Celebrate a Rock and Roll Birthday

January 8th is a day of rock and roll birthdays. Today is the birthday of David Bowie. That's right, today Mr. Glam himself turns a very respectable 61 and to celebrate I thought I would share this great collection of clips from a live performance of Ziggy Stardust way back in 1973.

The Twisted, Progressive Guitar Work of Frank Zappa Live

It was a good day yesterday, at least from a musical standpoint for me, as it certainly was a sad day from a world events view what with the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, (condolences to the entire nation of Pakistan and all those affected by the tragedy).

Rare Rock and Roll Movie: The Cure Live in Japan

I remember first hearing music from the Cure a long time ago and thinking... Oh, those are some great songs, catchy, exciting, artistic, sort of punk but more (and also very 80s both in good and bad ways)... sounds pretty good. It wasn't until a lot later when I saw the Cure live on stage that I really got interested in their music more than just casually. Maybe it is Robert Smith's disjointed and fractured charisma on stage, the fact that the band is actually really good or that they write such exciting and unique tracks, or a combination of those three and other factors.

Rare Footage of Woody Guthrie Performing Live

When I really started to listen to the music of Bob Dylan was when I first heard about Woodie Guthrie. An American folk legend, Guthrie has had tremendous impact not only on Dylan and other folk artists, but the entire music industry and society as a whole. Moving to Guthrie's music after listening to Dylan and many other folk artists, was like stepping back in time for me. It was like when I first heard Robert Johnson or Chuck Berry. Suddenly I could see Guthrie's influence everywhere and entire genres just seemed to make more sense.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Live: Putting Passion into the Music Like No Other

When it comes to blues, Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of those names that is pretty common place amongst blues enthusiasts and even those who are not as big of fans. I've been a fan of SRV for a long time, but I didn't really get engrossed with his music until I actually saw him play in video clips (unfortunately I was never able to see him live in person before his tragic death). He puts so much soul and effort into his playing that it becomes more than just a series of guitar licks.

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