Here at the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll we love watching concert footage, music videos etc on the various video sites across the Internet. Occasionally these videos inspire us to share them with our readers and provide our commentary. Those posts can be found here, but because of the way copyrights work with various video sites, the videos are not always available long after the original posting.

Rory Gallagher Live in France 1980

The great blues guitarist have all become legends in their own right to me over the years. Whether playing heart wrenching lead, or scorching blues stomp riffs there is just something about blues guitar that says... "this is what it's all about, man," and I find that sentiment renewed every time I finally get to listen to an artist that I've heard about for so long, but just not gotten to listen to.

Another Legendary Guitarist and Blues Man Under Appreciated: The Legend of Ry Cooder

I'm always excited to finally check out artists that I've repeatedly heard about and just never gotten to experience. I find this a lot in blues because some of the blues legends, people like Albert Collines, Freddie King, many of the earlier artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson and Son House, and later greats like Roy Buchanan are overlooked even by people passionate about blues. This also seems to be the case with Ry Cooder.

The Who Live at Woodstock 1969: My Generation

Woodstock was certainly one of the crowning moments from rock and roll, producing some of the most memorable performances in history, including this one by the Who. Not many bands are as rock and roll as the Who, and few songs better capture the rock and roll spirit than "My Generation".

I've been a fan of the Who for what seems like forever. They're intensity, power and stage presence has few rivals even today. This clip is especially great because not only is it a good example of the sheer brute force of the band on stage, but it is another memory from this classic concert as well.

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash: Two Legends and a Duet from 1969

In the music community, every so often there are just some absolutely amazing moments that are once in a lifetime events, often consisting of one time collaborations with other artists. These occurrences often up the ante a little bit more because, as I've said before, great musicians seem to feed off one another when playing music together, and the end result is often stellar with each person adding their own unique part to a particular song.

Great Footage of the Reunion of Rage Against the Machine

With the current political climate here in America, it seems appropriate that politically charged rap/metal brand Rage Against the Machine would rise up one again to be the voice of change. Their reunion at Coachella 2007 was certainly one of the most hyped concert events in history, and now we can only hope that they remain together for a new album, to bring hard edged political fire back to hard rock.

The Doors the End Live

Another epic song and another epic performance, this time from another one of my all time favorite bands and playing one of my all time favorite songs as well. The song is "The End" the band, L.A. Finest: The Doors.

The Moody Blues and Nights in White Satin from 1967

I've mentioned before that certain bands have just always been part of my life. Pink Floyd, the Beatles...etc. Another group that has always been around for me is the Moody Blues and to this day they are one of my favorites.

"Nights in White Satin" is definitely one of the most recognizable songs by the Moody Blues, even if many may not remember the rest of the epic symphonic album, Days of Future Passed, that is it from.

Bukka White Live Blues Solo Performance

With a genre as old as the blues, it seems that it might take our entire lifetime to hear all the greats. For a long time I thought I had checked out a lot of the best and although I knew there were many more out there to be found, I never really expected them to just fall into my lap.

The Eagles and Hotel California Live

Listening to any musical genre, but especially pop genres like rock 'n' roll there are those certain songs that have become absolutely anthemic, instantly recognizable and unforgettable. Maybe its a specific feel, or a particular combination of great songwriting, catchy hooks and musicality that has caused these songs to be permanently etched into our culture, or maybe its just a feel that we identify with and like.

Trio of Blues Greats in Concert: Lonnie Mack, Albert Collins and Roy Buchanan

Some of the greatest blues guitarists of all time, don't nearly get as much credit as they deserve outside of blues circles. It seems like just about everyone knows B.B. King as the master of blues, but I wonder how many people who aren't blues enthusiasts know anything about Lonnie Mack? Or Albert Collins? Two of the most influential blues artists of all time.

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