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Remembering Les Paul, a True Musical Innovator

The rock and roll and guitar communities have unfortunately lost a true legend in the past few days. Les Paul passed away last Thursday from complications with pneumonia. He was 94 years old and was still playing clubs and making music right up into the end.

Thoughts on Sound Quality in the Digital Age

Here's an interesting exercise to try out if you get the chance. Take a listen to an album recorded back during the heyday of vinyl on it's original vinyl and then more recent remastered releases... or even early CD releases and newer remastered versions. I did this recently with a few albums, including a recently release of a Led Zeppelin classic (check for a comparison on that in the future), and the results are pretty interesting to my ear. I'm no audiophile, but I have started to notice a distinct difference between my mp3s and the original CD recordings.

Thoughts on Audiophile Grade Sound Equipment

When music is as big a part of your life as it is a part of mine, you spend a fair amount of money over the years on various sound/music equipment. I have a fair amount of sound gear, much of which I own and some of which I've borrowed and adapted to make my own, of varying qualities. I like to think though, that my setup provides me with an adequate sound reproduction for most applications and I'm sure I'll improve upon it even more over the years.

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