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How Music Works Video Series

Music is an interesting art form no matter if we're talking about rock and roll or the works of Mozart. There are underlining threads that tie just about every musical style, genre and artist together at the most basic of levels. The concept of notes melody, harmony and rhythms... not necessarily the same set of notes, divisions, rhythms or types of harmony, but the concepts are always there in all forms of music. Some of these concepts, like the concept of rhythm, come quite naturally as rhythm is all around us all the time and just about anything can be used to create rhythm.

Rock and Roll Found to be the Cure for Many Common Ailments!!

Exciting news today in the world of science. Starting back in the late 80s, prompted by the growing concern about what effect pop culture was having on the youth of the nation, the United States government started funding a project to determine exactly what effect listening to rock music has on an individual. Precise experiments were conducted with results that have surprised everyone except the rock enthusiasts.

Rock and Roll was found to be a highly effective cure for many common ailments including, but not limited to: close mindedness, old age, boredom and unhappiness.

Interest in Music as Medicine

I think that any music enthusiast would agree that there are definite therapeutic to listening to a favorite song, album or band. I know I would say that and would probably take it one step further and state that music is beyond just therapeutic ,but can be a tremendous force during out lives and can have a huge effect on emotional healing. It appears that certain scientists and doctors also believe that music has that kind of power and have begun actually treating certain people with music.

Live Earth Concerts All Day Today: The Day After

Watching the Live Earth concerts yesterday for something like 8 hours, I got to say, I am absolutely thrilled that so many artists turned out to support such an important cause. Unfortunately the shear scope of these concerts prevented every moment from being shown on regular, but there were tons of great performances from genres from classic to soul to rock to folk shown and you can view all the concert footage online.

Live Earth Concerts All Day Today: Musicians Band Together to Raise Awareness About Climate Change

In the tradition of Live Aid of 1985 and Live 8 of 2005 musicians have once again come together to help raise awareness of a worth cause in todays Live Earth concert series. There will be concerts in 9 different countries with a variety of artists all organized by the Save Our Selves organization hoping to mobilize a global response to climate change and will extend well beyond the concerts themselves.

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