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The Soul of Rock and Roll Mourns Jay Bennett

I'm sad to once again have to report the death of a great musician. Jay Bennett, age 45 was found dead just this past Sunday in his home in Urbana IL. A member of Titanic Love Affair and Wilco, as well as having an extensive solo career, Bennett's songwriting is unique, powerful and complex...the music community is surely a less creative place without him.

Still Grateful to See the Dead Jamming Live: A Concert Review

As someone who didn't grow up during the 1960s, being enamored with the music of that era has always left me feeling a little detached. Most of my favorite bands/artists stopped touring years before I was even born and in many cases their albums proceeded me by as many as 20 years! That may not have tempered my love of those bands any, but it has left me a little unsatisfied in terms of attending concerts.

Rock and Roll Feature: A Ghost is Born from Wilco

This is the twenty-fourth in a series of Rock & Roll features I'm writing for this site. I'm a rock and roller, so this column is a way for me to feature a different album that I like, from different genres every month.

Well last month's feature was a classic album, from the original metal founders straight out of Britain, Black Sabbath. And so for the feature this month... something completely different!

The Original Country Twang of Hank Williams

In the past, I'll admit that I've held a bit of a grudge against country music. It's not that I consider it any less of an art form, or valid musically than any of the other genres, I just haven't been able to connect with country artists as I have with the artists of other genres. That isn't to say that I don't like any country music. Instead I think that my lack of connection is a product entirely of the more recent country scene, as the country artists who I really dig, tend to be the originals, like Johnny Cash, and the man I thought worth sharing today: Hank Williams.

Playing Like it Actually Ii the Farewell Tour: The Eagles - A Concert Review

September was a good month for concerts here at the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll, and because of that, I can post some concert reviews this month. I was able to see two of the amazing shows, by two very different artists, at two very different venues, amazingly making for two incredible, but very different shows. And it just so happened that they both happened within a few days of each other, making for one stellar week for me.

Earthy, Bluesy Folk Stomp from Bonepony

What is it about folk and blues music... the earthy place rock and roll began... that I keep coming back to and keeps speaking to me? Maybe it's the earthy authenticity and honesty, or the rich heritage... I don't know exactly what it is, but I like it. I like it so much that I'm even up late nights when I probably shouldn't be, listening to new artists on our local PBS stations when they show footage from blues and folk festivals/concerts far and wide.

John Fogerty Live on Soundstage

Public television comes through again. Last night I caught John Fogerty on Soundstage... on PBS... promoting his latest album. Although it was slated to be two parts (and the songs he performed seemed to indicate otherwise), it was a great show that confirms for me, once again that John Fogerty is one heck of a performer and musician.

Johnny Cash Folsom Prison Concert Anniversary Going Uncelebrated?

Today, January 13, 2008, marks the anniversary of a legendary event in the country music and rock and roll worlds. It was exactly 40 years ago today that Johnny Cash played his infamous Folsom Prison show. As much as this was a fantastic concert event, it was also a statement about who Johnny Cash was as a man. That comes through in the resulting recordings, which would remain on the Billboard's Top 200 charts for 122 weeks and has since become a must have classic for anyone who considers themselves any kind of a rock/pop/country music aficionado.

The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show: A DVD Review

A while ago, during the first months (I think it was that long ago) the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll was live, I shared a clip of Bob Dylan doing a duet version of "Girl From the North Country" with Johnny Cash. That was a clip from the Johnny Cash TV Show and was actually one of the first times I heard about this aspect of Cash's career. Running from 1969 to 1971 and hosted by Johnny Cash himself, the show featured a variety of musical performances, small comedy sketches and more.

Alison Krauss and Union Station: Man of Constant Sorrow

The first time I heard of Alison Krauss was at this years Crossroads Guitar Festival actually, and I was quite impressed. I'd heard Dan Tyminski playing before but not the whole band. I was never really a big fan of country or bluegrass, but this group of very talented musicians I can really get into and I find they've really helped open my eyes to some great music.

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