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Nine Inch Nails Final Tour When They're at Their Peak?: A Concert Review

Last month was a month that was far too busy, stressful and hectic here at the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll. Luckily it closed out appropriately enough, with me attending a great concert by a band I've been wanting to see live since... well since I was old enough to know what their music was all about: Nine Inch Nails.

Nine Inch Nails Rehearsal Videos

As you may have heard, there's been some information floating around about Nine Inch Nails... well it's been floating around for a few months actually. Supposedly Trent Reznor is planning on celebrating the band's 20th anniversary with a new tour before taking a bit of a break from the famous industrial band... or something like that. Rumor, now since confirmed, suggests that there would be a special guest to open for NIN on this tour, a band that toured with them way back when things first started... Jane's Addiction...

More Free Music from Nine Inch Nails

As the music industry continues to shift away from label focus and towards a more artist centric viewpoint (at least in my view), we're seeing more and more music released online where the fans can get it directly from the band. Leading that charge are many of the more progressive bands including a certain hard rockin' industrial band that is the project of a certain Mr. Reznor.

Beck: Blues Singer in Disguise

I glanced through my past posts and was shocked and appalled (not really) that I had yet to do a post on Beck. I covered Jeff Beck's guitar work, albeit briefly, but not the intriguing blend of styles from the man who just goes by Beck. I've been listening to a fair amount of his music recently anyways, and so it seemed time to at the very least touch on his work and in particular, one of the reasons I like it.

Nine Inch Nails Making Big Money with Online Release, More Bands to Follow?

Earlier this month another forward thinking band released a new album online ala the Radiohead mold. Nine Inch Nails latest 36 track instrumental project called Ghosts I-IV was released online March 2 with the first 9 tracks available for free, or the entire album available for a tide sum of $5. A $10 double CD set is set for release on April 8th, with a $70 deluxe edition and $300 autographed version following close on it's heels around May 1st.

A Place for Artistic Electronica in the World

I've spoken out pretty vehemently against the overuse of computers in modern music. Because of that fact, you might expect that my answer to the question: "Where is the place for electronica in world?", might be something like "in the trash bin," "only in the stereotypical dance club where you'll never find me," or "only places where I don't have to listen to it", but that's not the case.

Nine Inch Nails and the Year Zero, Concept Album/Art Paints a Scary Picture

When I was first initiated into the Nine Inch Nails experience, roughly around the time of The Fragile with the song "The Perfect Drug" (although that song isn't even on that album). I became immediately fascinated by Trent Reznor, the music and what it all meant. This is not easy as Nine Inch Nails has rarely been a pop band with only a few hits in the mainstream, but their following is fiercely loyal, open to all the art and emotion that these songs, while wrapped in industrial beats and screeching guitars, still exhibit.

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