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The Mars Volta, an Incredible Live Experience

It was well over two months ago that I was lucky enough to see this band live. I meant to write a review almost immediately, but between site overhauls, other issues and a series of delays, this is the first time I'm actually getting around to doing so properly. Consider it a testament to how much I enjoyed this show that I'm still writing a review so much later.

The Mars Volta Tear it Up Live With Rapid Fire Psychedelic Style

A few months prior... before the site overhaul, many unique circumstances and many many more delays, I went to a concert. That by itself is not all that uncommon as I go to a number of concerts every year and will certainly go to more every year in the future.

Nine Inch Nails Final Tour When They're at Their Peak?: A Concert Review

Last month was a month that was far too busy, stressful and hectic here at the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll. Luckily it closed out appropriately enough, with me attending a great concert by a band I've been wanting to see live since... well since I was old enough to know what their music was all about: Nine Inch Nails.

Nine Inch Nails Rehearsal Videos

As you may have heard, there's been some information floating around about Nine Inch Nails... well it's been floating around for a few months actually. Supposedly Trent Reznor is planning on celebrating the band's 20th anniversary with a new tour before taking a bit of a break from the famous industrial band... or something like that. Rumor, now since confirmed, suggests that there would be a special guest to open for NIN on this tour, a band that toured with them way back when things first started... Jane's Addiction...

Thoughts on the New Metallica Album, Leaks, Downloads, Fan Reactions and Why Record Labels Should Take Notice

As some of you may be aware, it's been exciting times in the world of rock recently. Rumors are flying left and right and there's been plenty of controversy as well, what with certain political parties deciding to use some "unlicensed" music as part of their campaign. Amongst all of that though, there was an album, first leaked and now released from a little metal band called Metallica. Death Magnetic is the name of the new album and Metallica fans have been clamoring to hear the new music, especially after it was unfortunately leaked shortly before the release date.

More Free Music from Nine Inch Nails

As the music industry continues to shift away from label focus and towards a more artist centric viewpoint (at least in my view), we're seeing more and more music released online where the fans can get it directly from the band. Leading that charge are many of the more progressive bands including a certain hard rockin' industrial band that is the project of a certain Mr. Reznor.

Nine Inch Nails Making Big Money with Online Release, More Bands to Follow?

Earlier this month another forward thinking band released a new album online ala the Radiohead mold. Nine Inch Nails latest 36 track instrumental project called Ghosts I-IV was released online March 2 with the first 9 tracks available for free, or the entire album available for a tide sum of $5. A $10 double CD set is set for release on April 8th, with a $70 deluxe edition and $300 autographed version following close on it's heels around May 1st.

Controlled Chaos: The Experimentalism of the Mars Volta

I'm continually intrigued by how my musical tastes shift as I get older. There was a time when I wasn't into Led Zeppelin. There was a time when I wasn't into the White Stripes... the Smashing Pumpkins... the Velvet Underground... Sonic Youth... "insert band here that I now consider one of my favorites". That trend continues with another adventurous band: the Mars Volta. I remember first listening to the Mars Volta back 2001 when the arose from the ashes of At the Drive-In, a band I had been pretty intrigued by at the time.

Thoughts on the Blues/Metal therapeutic Connection

I've been a fan of the blues for a long time, but I've been a fan of hard rock for even longer, and if you follow hard rock to it's ultimate conclusion you of course end up listening to a bit of metal as well. I'm not a hardcore metal head and I never really was. The time when I was really into metal has passed, but I still have a lot of respect for this genre and find some of tremendously exciting bands within it all the time.

The Death of Audioslave and the Rebirth of Rage?

Typically I don't follow a whole lot of the music industry gossip that is passed around on the Internet let alone write about it and this is especially true about current mainstream music. I don't listen to a whole lot of it and don't care about celebrity gossip so most of the rumors aren't anything I'd be interested in enough to read. Everyday there is some new rumor that will turn out to be false and some new band is in the thick of it.

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