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Mourning the King of Pop: The Passing of Michael Jackson

As I'm sure just about everyone has heard, the music community has lost one of the most well known, most influential artists of all time: Michael Jackson. Jackson died at the age of 50 yesterday after being rushed to the hospital.

Tribute to Koko Taylor, The Queen of the Blues

I wish I could provide this tribute under better circumstances, but unfortunately this one comes with a heavy heart. Earlier this month blues great Koko Taylor passed away at the age of 80. Nominated for a Grammy 8 times for her stellar blues albums, Koko Taylor was and is considered by many to be the indisputable "Queen of the Blues".

I actually wish I had more to say as a tribute to Koko, but to be honest I've just recently really come to appreciate her music. Instead, I thought I'd let Koko speak for herself and share some great clips of the Queen of the Blues in action.

In Memory of Isaac Hayes

Well it's a sad day in the music world again as we mourn the death of Mr. Isaac Hayes. Hayes passed away just the other day at the age of 65.

Rock and Roll Pioneer Ike Turner Passes Away at 76

There was some sad news on the rock and roll front yesterday when the iconic Ike Turner passed away at 76. Although he was probably more well known unfortunately for the negative reputation he earned of being abusive and having serious drug problems, Ike Turner was also one of the original rock and roll pioneers in the early 50s playing both piano and guitar ( being one of the first to utilize the guitar's whammy bar as a key to his sound), and was also integral in developing the talent of Tina Turner and bringing her into the spotlight.

Early Rock and Roll Sounds from a Modern Rock Band: The Detroit Cobras Remind Us Why Rock and Roll Caught On Originally

There are a few bands I've listened to in the past that I've actually had to do a double take a confirm that they are indeed from modern times and not from back in the 50s or 60s. Back when I was first discovering the Detroit garage rock scene and bands like the White Stripes, I came across the Detroit Cobras, also from that same scene. This band was one of those double take bands from the very first listen, especially because the first track I ever heard by them was a live track probably recorded as a bootleg from a seedy bar gig.

Billy Jones: Taking Blues to New Places with R&B, Soul, and Urban Style

A quick through the archives of the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll will probably say more about how much I respect, enjoy and appreciate the blues than any words I can say. Some of my favorite artists and some of the ones that have had the most influence on me have been blues artists, and even more still are heavily influenced by the blues themselves.

I'm always open to new blues artists, as each person's take on this genre is always unique and always blends new influences with the standard blues format, but there is one this that is constant and that is the emotion in the music.

Jerry Lawson: Unsung Hero of Acappella, Soul and R&B

Since the beginning of popular music, it seems some genres just don't get the type of press they deserve, as often as they should. This certainly shouldn't reflect the talent of these musicians, as it has very little to do with talent, and more to do with whatever is attractive for marketers to sell at that given time.

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