Briefly on the Return of Early Punk with New Records

If anyone has been following my articles on this site, you're probably well aware that I am a fan of the Stooges and so was thrilled to hear of the new release and the return of Iggy Pop to the rock and roll arena. The Stooges have had such an impact on modern rock music that it should be interesting to see how the new albums compares.

There has been a small trend in new releases from early punk artists recently. Previously we saw the release of new material by a different lineup of the New York Dolls, more recently there is the new album by the Stooges and there was even new music by the Who (not exactly a proto punk band but they definitely influenced the movement)...Who's next? The Ramones? The Clash? The Sex Pistols?

Well, I highly doubt the Ramones or the Clash seeing as how both Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer (key members of The Ramones and the Clash respectively) are dead. I could get behind a new album by the Sex Pistols, but for some reason I doubt that as well ( I also think someone from this band, other than Sid Vicious, is dead but I can't recall if that is the case off the top of my head). It could be interesting to see an MC5 reunion album, but seeing as how they weren't nearly as well known as the other bands I've mentioned I'm not sure if anyone would notice, and again, some members are dead. Of the early proto punk bands, I think the one I would most like to see a reunion of is the Velvet Underground, but Sterling Morrison, is no longer with us and he was a big part of that band.

Of the early punk artists, I would also have to say that the Velvet Underground has had the most influence on me personally (not by much over bands like the Clash and the Stooges, but still the most). Lou Reed's starkly honest and realistic lyrics were so unlike anything I had heard before when I first started listening to the band that I was definitely intrigued even if it took me a little longer to accept them musically.

I certainly hope to see new material from Lou Reed in the future though, and maybe soon as that would, in a way, continue the streak of the early punk artists and new material. That'd be great...

And, if I have my way, Joe Strummer will rise from the dead and we will see a massive Clash reunion tour as keep your fingers crossed for that one happening...

Anyways, It is cool see see new releases from bands that in some cases were around an extremely short period of time and were often overlooked by the mainstream but have had such a huge impact on rock music. Bands like the Stooges and the New York Dolls changed rock music for so many, that today they are rock 'n' roll royalty even if the album sales and the charts don't reflect it.

Maybe I'll post a review of the new Stooges album when I hear it as to give a idea of how I think it compares to their classic recordings.


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