Foo Fighters Rock Wembley With Extra Special Guests

In case you missed the news, several thousand (something like 80,000?), extremely lucky Foo Fighters fans were treated to one heck of a special event June 7th 2008. Recently the Foos have been reaching out to some of their heroes. They played with a couple members of Rush just recently, although I can't remember where, and now they've done it again. And, for the time being, we have video:

It's a very shake cell phone video taken from like the front row, the sound is horrible and the picture isn't too good either, but for such an awesome event I think it's worth sharing. There's a lot of other videos popping up on Youtube recently from this show as well... for obvious reasons... so if your musical tastes are anything like mine, you might want to check them out before they're gone. Here's hoping this one isn't taken down by the time I get this posted.

Oh and special thanks to JodhiD for taking this and uploading it.

Who is that white haired man with the low slung Les Paul throwing out those riffs? What about that roguish man on bass? And what about the song itself, the sound may be bad, but that doesn't sound like any Foo Fighters song I know... No no no... This is the Foos with the one and only Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin, tearing it up on Zeppelin's own "Rock and Roll"! They then proceeded to close the night with another Zeppelin classic, "Ramble On"! Talk about a killer way to close the night. All I can say is that those people who caught this show, the second night the Foos played Wembley Stadium in London, are awfully lucky. Perhaps just a tick less lucky than those people who actually got to see the reunited Zeppelin at their one off show last year.

I'm a HUGE (I'll put extra emphasis on HUGE) Zeppelin fan, as I'm sure anyone who follows the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll is aware, and so anytime they are out performing again is great news in my mind. I know Dave Grohl is a massive Zeppelin fan too and to see him live out his dream of playing with the band is awesome.

I know this was probably just a once in a lifetime event, and if it was, then I'm glad that so many who probably didn't get to see Zeppelin live got treated to this, but I'm hoping and praying that there is still a Led Zeppelin tour waiting in the wings as I will be the first one trying to get tickets.

Anyways, just thought I'd share the news in case you missed it and give the chance for all you fellow Zeppelin fans to check out one of the better clips from the night. Like I said, there are lots of other cell phone clips from this show to check out, some are better than others, but definitely cool to see.

If only I could have been there...


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