Preparing for the New White Stripes Album

I case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a big fan of the White Stripes. I've been listening to them since their commercial debut and within the course of about a month of when I first heard of them, they were my newest favorite band.

Such a combination of styles throughout their albums from straight forwards garage rock, to stripped down blues, to folk, to roots rock 'n' roll, is what always makes their albums exciting. After hearing their first three albums, I still didn't expect what was to come. When I first heard Elephant, I wasn't prepared for the depth of their songs, covers and range of material. When I first heard Get Behind Me Satan I wasn't prepared for the diversity of their instrumentation with the inclusion of mandolin, a lot of piano, and marimba or the bit of experimentation with spontaneity, double tracking and noise.

Seeing that I was amazed and blown away by what this duo accomplishes on an album on each prior release, I am quite excited about the impending one and after what I read today, I'm thinking I should prepare myself for another change of direction full of completely unique songs and compositions. According to Rolling Stone (a magazine and website I read once in a blue moon when there is something interesting said) there will be hints of celtic flair, perhaps even some bagpipes, as well as some tango rhythms and a unknown trumpet player while also echoing their roots. Sounds like another exciting project that will completely reshape the band's image, just like their previous album.

I thought I should prepare by completely throwing any preconceived notions about what this new album will be like, out the window. I would not have anticipated anything that has already been rumored, so it makes sense to just say, eh whatever, and just start getting all hyped up in anticipation.

I understand that some people might be put off by a band that rarely sounds the same song to song or album to album, but I prefer each work to be unique and like bands that take creative risks. No person is static and we are always evolving, so why shouldn't a band do the same?

I write about musical progression between albums of a band a lot because I think it is interesting to see that progression as it is almost like a snapshot of the environment that spawned the music. I'm excited to hear that the White Stripes are experimenting with new instruments (even if it is bagpipes, an instrument that just has so much potential to be annoying in the wrong context) as it means that they're still thinking creatively and not afraid to try new things if they think it fits their songs.

Although I'm confident it will be a great album, we will wait and see if this duo can reinvent themselves once again and blow away everyone's expectations while remaining within their own structure.

Keep an eye out for the new White Stripes album in the next few months I believe. I'll probably be writing a review of it or something on this band when it comes out as this is probably one of the few newer artists that I get quite excited about.

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