Ringo Starr Catalog Goes Digital

It seems that there has been yet another sign that the Beatles catalog will soon be released digitally as I just read today that Ringo's solo catalog has been released in this format. Although perhaps not as exciting as hearing that the deal for the digital Beatles has been settled, I still think this news is worth mentioning.

Ringo's solo material may be the least popular of the solo Beatles efforts, never quite reaching the same popularity of Lennon, McCartney or Harrison, but there are still some good songs in this catalog that are worth checking out. Particularly, I'm fond of the 1973 album Ringo which had such memorable songs as "Photograph" and my personal favorite "It Don't Come Easy", but there were some good songs and albums from later on as well.

Overall, I think this news has gotten more press because people are feeling it's another step towards the Beatles release. I don't know if that's true or not and I'm hesitant to look at it that way because it does kind of trivialize Ringo's solo work, but I can see how it sort of ups the excitement. Still, it was a far bigger deal when McCartney took the plunge earlier this year.

In the end, I'm glad that we can now listen to Ringo digitally. As I said, he never quite reached the same popularity or iconic status in his music that the other three did, but the music is still good, and maybe this modern format can help expose a few more people to some of the great songs throughout his solo career.


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