Smashing Pumpkins Announce DVD and 20th Anniversary Tour

Well it is finally official... the much anticipated (at least for us Pumpkins fans) 20th anniversary tour of the Smashing Pumpkins. 2008 marks the 20th year for this band and I've certainly been glad they've been around that long providing us with amazing music the whole time.

To celebrate this anniversary the band has scheduled special shows in a bunch of cities including (and it's about time I might add) their hometown of Chicago, where I just happen to be from. The tour will run a total of 5 weeks and will tend to feature two nights per venue for the most part, with a total of 4 shows at two different venues in Chicago. Why the two night stay you ask? Well because the band is planning on each night being 100% unique of course with no duplicate songs between the two nights per venue. The first night has been titles "Black Sunshine", the second "White Crosses" with a special set of two night concert packages planned. Outside of being a pretty cool idea and a way to get a lot of variety in the set lists (which is a good thing if you ask me), what does this mean? Well, it means that a lot of die-hard Pumpkins fans... like myself... are just going to HAVE to go to both nights of course.

Here's the supposed concert dates:
Smashing Pumpkins 20th-anniversary tour dates:
11/01 - Cleveland, OH - Palace Theatre
11/03 - Toronto, ONT - Massey Hall
11/04 - Toronto, ONT - Massey Hall
11/06 - New York, NY - United Palace Theatre
11/07 - New York, NY - United Palace Theatre
11/08 - Atlantic City, NJ - Borgata
11/11 - Washington, DC - DAR Constitution Hall
11/12 - Washington, DC - DAR Constitution Hall
11/14 - Boston, MA - Wang Center
11/15 - Boston, MA - Wang Center
11/16 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun Arena
11/18 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre
11/19 - Chicago, IL - Chicago Theatre
11/21 - Chicago, IL - Auditorium Theatre
11/22 - Chicago, IL - Auditorium Theatre
11/26 - St. Louis, MO - Fox Theatre
11/30 - San Diego, CA - RIMAC Arena
12/02 - Los Angeles, CA - Gibson Amphitheatre
12/03 - Los Angeles, CA - Gibson Amphitheatre

Tickets start going on sale in the next few days 9-26 through 10-13 or so... with presales a week in advance or so... although I'm not entirely positive on how to get presale access yet.

This news comes right on the heels of another release from the Pumpkins: a live DVD chronicling their residency at the Filmore back in 2007 called "If All Goes Wrong", which will be officially available November 11, but can be pre-ordered from Amazon here: Smashing Pumpkins - If It All Goes Wrong

Here's the official track listing:
*"If All Goes Wrong" documentary
*"Voices Of The Ghost Children" featurette
*Interview with The Who guitarist, Pete Townshend
The Fillmore Residency*
1. The Rose March*
2. Peace + Love*
3. 99 Floors*
4. Superchrist
5. Lucky 13
6. Starla
7. Death From Above
8. The Crying Tree Of Mercury
9. Winterlong
10. Heavy Metal Machine
11. Untitled
12. No Surrender*
13. Gossamer*
14. Zeitgeist

Bonus Tracks: Live From The Floor Of The Fillmore
99 Floors*
Peace + Love*
No Surrender*
Promise Me*
*previously unreleased

Personally I think that this DVD will be worth picking up just to hear and see the version of "Gossamer" it contains. I'm sure the rest will be incredible as well, but this epic jam of a song that came out of those shows is intense/beautiful/rocking/awesome and has since become one of my all time favorite Pumpkins tracks... no joke. I highly recommend people check out some of the live tracks of this song floating around if they don't want to pick up the DVD, because it's an amazing piece live and each performance of it seems pretty unique.

Definite good news coming out of Pumpkinland these days... and good music too.

You can bet that as a graphic designer I might try to enter the SP related contest that's going on as well. SPFreaks and (Smashing Pumpkins websites) are holding a contest to design concert posters, flyers, buttons, badges, shirts and more to celebrate the 20th anniversary. The winner gets a pair of tickets to one of the anniversary shows of their choice as well as some other memorabilia stuff valued around $500... pretty sweet. If you're feeling artistically inclined you can check out all the contest details here:

Overall a good day/week for Pumpkins fans to say the least. I am beyond excited being a massive fan of this band, and I'm already planning on how I can get tickets to these shows, at least two of the Chicago dates and possibly all four. Oh and you can sure bet that there will be a review here of the show if I do get tickets.


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