Thoughts on the Possible End to Velvet Revolver

There's been a fair amount of "discussion" going on around various music sites that recent on stage problems with Velvet Revolver front man Scott Weiland might be the end of the band. In case you missed the reports from various other music news sources out there, Weiland has been in rehab again recently, been somewhat flaky on a few performances and even stated at one show, between walking off stage for no reason, that "they [the audience] were watching something special... the last tour of Velvet Revolver."

Musicians can be temperamental, part of that whole "artistic geniuses having difficult personalities" concept. That's part of why I don't normally show interest in things like on stage tantrums etc. Usually these things blow over... maybe everyone was just having a bad night... and things roll on, sometimes better than before. Other times everyone parts ways and is better off, except maybe the fans who are now without their favorite band.

I guess you can say that Scott Weiland is a bit more temperamental than some others if you take a look at his history both musically and personally... there's definitely been some drama. Sure, a lot of that was probably because of the drugs that he can't seem to kick permanently, but even without them he isn't exactly the most even keeled person; always a little on the edge. Of course that's is probably part of what makes him such a charismatic front man (the on the edge thing, not the drugs). I won't speculate too much on the reasons behind the recent band turmoil, but I do have a few hunches. 1) Weiland's recent trip to rehab wasn't enough and he's using again. 2) Weiland is more interested in getting back together permanently with the Stone Temple Pilots (who are reuniting) and is alienating the rest of VR. 3) A combination of 1 and 2.

Just my thoughts, but it does seem that the STP reunion, the rehab stint and the strife with VR all are coinciding with Weiland at the center. I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking along these lines. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Weiland to be back on drugs, but it would explain a lot.

Really what I think is the worst thing about this news is just the possibility of the band disintegrating. I'm a Velvet Revolver fan, and not only because there aren't too many bands playing their kind of hard hitting, hard partying, gritty rock and roll these days. I like this band because of their two highly underrated albums and unique chemistry. A lot of that chemistry existed before between Slash, Duff and Sorum (the members of Guns N' Roses), but Weiland's vocal prowess and even more so his writing and powerful stage presence really worked well with the rest... a good match... or was a good match depending on how this plays out. I hope they continue on as their last album showed a lot of new directions and it seemed everyone in the band was feeling creative and into the music. A lot of people are going to be missing out on a great band if they decide to call it quits.

Again, don't get me wrong, I don't want them to be unhappy and stay together for no reason. They're just a really great hard rock band.

Then again, you could also say that this internal strife might be a blessing in disguise as it might usher in complete reunions of STP and Guns N Roses. Personally I don't think the latter of those two will happen anytime soon what with Axl Rose being Axl Rose, but you never know. I would be psyched to see new material from the Stone Temple Pilots... especially if say they bring Slash in on guest lead guitar, but that's pretty close to VR anyways.

I guess time will tell whether Velvet Revolver will remain a legitimate band or fall apart as a brief, but productive, collaboration. Here's hoping Scott Weiland finds some peace, preferably drug free peace, the rest of the band does too, and everyone keeps making music.


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