Happy Earth Day from the Soul of Rock and Roll


Today is Earth Day so I thought I'd take a minute to put environmental thoughts into everyone's head.

The music industry is not only putting on benefit concerts to raise awareness about the climate crisis, but is working to help make the world a greener place in other ways as well. New music industry practices like Bio Diesel fueled tour buses, guitars made from recycled or sustainable resources and reducing the resources used in album production through recycling and MP3 downloads are just a few of the ways that the music industry is becoming more environmentally friendly. With a little effort we can keep rock and roll moving towards a greener future.

The climate crisis is a huge issue that effects everyone. Going "Green" doesn't mean that we still can't rock out to great music, so on this Earth Day, lets all start to step up to do are part to make a difference so that Rock and Roll has a planet to call home for generations to come.

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