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Hey everyone here at the Soul of Rock 'n' Roll. I thought I would take today to make a little announcement that some of you other music fanatics might be interested in.

The Soul of Rock 'n' Roll is going to be hosting a monthly blog carnival thought our friends at Blog Carnival. The carnival will run the first of every month if we have any contributions from the previous month and will focus on music and rock and roll related articles. It's a pretty open topic so this is a good time to start writing about your favorite band, genre or even rock 'n' roll's impact on society. I might also include guitar related articles as I love guitars, but I'm not looking for lessons or gear reviews. I personally review everything submitted so I can't guarantee that everything will make it in, but if I can tell your passionate about your music, you make some good points and you don't blatantly attack anyone else, you'll probably be in.

If you know of any other great music sites out there, pass along the word about the carnival so that they can promote some of their work. You can also send me an email and a link to any article you think should be included and I'll take a look and try to get a hold of the author and see if they'll submit it so we can share it with the rest of the rock and roll community.

You can submit your articles here: Blog Carnivals Submit Form.

The carnival is called "carnival of rock 'n' roll" so make sure you're submitting to the right one.

I'm hoping as this site grows that this carnival will become a regular thing running the first of every month so you'll have other opportunities in the future. I'll make a permanent page dedicated to the carnival in the next few days and post a link on the home page.

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